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Welcome to! Our mission is to help you select the right wedding cake for your special day. Planning a wedding can be tough. Trying to make so many decisions regarding tuxedo’s, dresses, flowers, music, food, and many other concerns can quickly become overwhelming. We offer advice on selecting not only cakes but also wedding cake toppers, wedding cake decorations, and wedding cake stands. If we can help making these decisions easier for you, we feel we have succeeded. This site is purely informational and we promote no one product or company. With this in mind, we welcome any questions, comments or concerns you may have which can help us make this site more helpful and informative. Congratulations on undertaking your next big journey in life.

The tradition of having a wedding cake dates back to Imperial Roman times. Back then, a cake of wheat and barley would be broken over the newly married couples head to ensure fertility, guests would then scramble to get at the scraps in hopes of gaining more fertility themselves. By medieval times the cake had evolved into a basket of rolls which would be distributed to all the attending guests.

 By the end of the 1600’s, wedding cakes were beginning to evolve into the form we know today. Cakes became very elaborate with multiple tiers and were fruit based because fruit cake took longer to spoil. Not long before the Victorian era, the white wedding cake became the must have wedding accoutrement. Because only the very wealthy could afford pure cane sugar, lower class people could not afford the sugar necessary to create a white wedding cake, so the white cake became the ultimate sign of conspicuous wealth.

A kransekake is a Scandinavian wedding cake which literally translates to ‘ring-cake’ or ‘wreath-cake.’ They are many layered cakes made from marzipan formed to look like a steep pyramid of cornucopia horn. The cakes are then stuffed with small treats such as chocolates, cookies and tarts. It is also not uncommon for the cake to also incorporate a bottle of wine.

Another lesser known wedding tradition that has recently had a popular resurgence is called the grooms cake. Unlike the white wedding cake, a groom’s cake lacks the ornate adornments such as the wedding cake topper, wedding cake decorations, and wedding cake stand. Whereas the wedding cake is typically an angel food cake or some sort of fruit cake the groom’s cake is typically a bit more decadent. Chocolate cake or even richer cheese cakes are very popular choices. Sometimes the groom’s cake is served alongside the main wedding cake or it is sometimes the cake served at the rehearsal dinner.

These traditions only begin to scratch the surface of choices available to you. The rest of this website will explore many more options available to help you plan the perfect wedding cake. A thorough discussion of wedding toppers, wedding cake decorations, and wedding cake stands will help you narrow down your many choices even further. Once again, we thank you for visiting our site and would like to remind you to send us any questions or concerns which may help make this site more comprehensive. 

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