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Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is perhaps the best known and least enduring element of any wedding. Obviously it is meant to be consumed and even if you follow the tradition of saving a piece for your one year anniversary, it is then gone forever. Perhaps its impermanence is what makes the cake such an iconic part of any wedding plan.

Make sure to choose a cake which will stand in your memory years after that remarkable day has passed. Also be sure to document the cake extensively by virtue of your camera. These pictures are sure to stir up fond memories for years to come. While love may stand the test of time, your wedding cake will not.

The average wedding cake in the USA is estimated to cost about $550.00. Being happy with every aspect of your cakes design, taste, and style are very important considerations if you plan on paying anywhere near that kind of money. The cake is perhaps the one item of your wedding that should be absolutely perfect. Don’t be afraid to try many different bakeries and sample many different kinds of cake to get just the right one.


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