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Wedding Cake Stands

A wedding cake stand supports the wedding cake. The stand may itself be the method by which the different tiers of the cake are supported or in some cases a plateau stand may be used to hold the whole cake if the cake itself is self-supporting. The stand you choose will be influenced by the sort of cake you choose to display.

Some advantages of a multi-tiered wedding cake stand are that the cake can be more stable and even different types of cake can be served on each tier. Elegant arrangements can be created which feature spiral and helix designs ascending to ever smaller cakes. This is a design that may not be as commonly seen, but one that nevertheless always remains fashionable.

The plateau wedding cake stand is perhaps the most popular of all. It speaks to a classic style and sensibility which will likely stay with us for many generations to come. They are very stately and often are crafted from the finest silver. This stand is guaranteed to be a hit.


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