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Wedding Cake Topper

A wedding cake topper can be any number of different things. First gaining widespread popularity in the 1950’s wedding toppers portrayed a newly married Caucasian couple with the bride in white dress and the groom in black tuxedo holding hands. Though this theme remains popular today, a lot has changed in the last sixty years.

Nowadays all manner of wedding toppers are available to suit your individual needs. Ethnic wedding toppers have become very popular featuring cultures outside of your stereotypical white Anglo-Saxon protestant background. Scottish toppers have become popular as have African, Asian, and Latin American Toppers. It is now even possible to get mixed-ethnicity toppers to reflect a couple marrying not only one another but the union of their two cultures as well. In the last ten or fifteen years, same sex wedding toppers have become increasingly common.

Other than depictions of bride and groom standing at an alter, wedding toppers now also feature a variety of activities and themes that reflect the couple’s interests. Some common examples include a couple hunting, sailing, or mountain biking to name just a few. Alternative toppers also are great for themed weddings. Themes such as pirate weddings, fantasy weddings, and historical era weddings are becoming ever more popular as traditional weddings have become so commonplace. There are many different toppers available to reflect whatever theme you choose.


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