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Wedding Cake Topper FAQs

What sort of cake would I use for a celestial wedding?

The celestial wedding theme is becoming ever more popular. A great cake idea for this theme is to actually make eight smaller cakes of different sizes to represent the planets in the solar system. Pluto is too small to reasonably include and also is not longer strictly thought of as a planet. So what you end up with is seven planets and the largest cake, the centerpiece, represents the sun. Decorate each cake to look like its planetary counterpart.

What is a croquembouche?

A croquembouche is a type of traditional French wedding cake. It is made from profiteroles, which is a choux filled with pastry cream, formed into a high cone. The profiteroles are then sometimes dunked into chocolate and sealed with caramel. The cake is then further adorned with wisps of caramel, flowers, chocolate, ribbon, and sugared almonds. The word croquembouche is a compound French word which means ‘to crunch in the mouth.

What is an icington?

An icington is like a wedding topper in that it is a bride and groom figurine for a cake. But it differs from actual toppers in that they are constructed from icing sugar and have a much more organic look than their plastic counterparts. Icingtons have been popular in France since the 1940’s and remain so today. It takes a great amount of skill to construct these delicate masterpieces and they are much sought after across the globe.


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